Safety & Security of Stock

Hafiz group apprehends how vital a delivery chain is to the textiles industry. Our company is about 40,000 square feet in area. We make sure that the fabrics, materials, and fabric corporation acquire custom-tailor-made answers designed to suit your needs, all of your items may be cautiously saved and shipped straight away due to the fact we’ve been handing over that promise for decades. A warehouse is superb for storing surplus items, which clients and customers do not need immediately.
The capabilities of our facility offers to stock, retain, and control the products with precision. Developing a reliable warehouse manner for our merchandise is vital for enterprise growth. Warehousing movements encompass, setting the warehouse up well and with applicable equipment. The warehousing carrier is the most vital thing of the delivery chain & the logistics system. It permits an organization to preserve the stock and the evaluation of the record enables in minimizing the dangers of putting off for the shipments. Tracking the shipping instances may want to grow to be a lot simpler with the warehousing control system.
Our mission is to maximize the space that we have to our fullest potential, create a confident workforce, leverage coping with equipment, & to retain the safety measures to keep the integrity of the goods.

40,000 Square Feet in Area

Storage Facility

Retaining & Controlling

Safety & Integrity of the Goods

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At Hafiz, we don’t compromise on quality. Our in-house production at all levels ensures we make and deliver only the finest product at all levels.