Finest Quality Leather

Hafiz group places a lot of emphasis on quality. At every step of the production process, we have made sure to place quality checks to ensure it is optimal.
Our tanneries process the skin with the utmost care and precision. With the sheer amount and variety of skins that pass through our tanneries daily, we can meet demand both locally and internationally.
Our skins are thoroughly cleaned to ensure there are no defects that can compromise the quality of the leather, as well as to clean out any insects and bacteria. These skins are then processed by our state-of-the-art machines operated by our highly skilled and experienced workers.
We took several precautions to make sure no harm befalls on any of the workers in the factories. The machinery has in-built safety features & is only operated by our most skilled staff. There are cameras throughout the facility to make sure everything is operating smoothly. Our surveillance makes sure we can immediately call for assistance if needed. Moreover, the chemicals used are all following REACH standards.
On the other hand, the tanneries are subject to various internal inspections throughout the year. These inspections make sure our machines are working properly, our processes are safe for our workers, and ensure general cleanliness.

Safe & Clean

State of the art Machines

Experienced Workers

Care & Precision

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At Hafiz, we don’t compromise on quality. Our in-house production at all levels ensures we make and deliver only the finest product at all levels.