Superior Export Facility

Hafiz’s sales have had a turnover of over 30 million USD, with a continuous increase for each fiscal year. We have exported to many countries throughout the years. Hafiz has a long list of clientele including distinguished customers from various countries including the USA, the UK, Russia, Australia, and most of the European countries.
Export offers plenty of benefits and opportunities, including:

  • Access to more consumers and businesses. If you’re only doing business in this country, you may be limiting the total potential profits you could earn on opportunities to expand your business worldwide.
  • Diversifying market opportunities so that even if the domestic economy begins to falter, you may still have other growing markets for your goods and services.
  • Expanding the lifecycle of mature products. If the domestic market seems saturated for your goods and services, you can introduce them to new markets in other parts of the world.

Exports significantly expand the markets. An increase in production can lead to larger economies of scale and better margins. Here at Hafiz, we take great interest in the research and development budget, we work hard so that we can help change the existing products to suit new markets. With increased export production and sales, the company can achieve economies of scale and spread costs over a larger volume of revenue.

Diversifying Market Opportunities

Expand your Business

Worldwide Presence

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At Hafiz, we don’t compromise on quality. Our in-house production at all levels ensures we make and deliver only the finest product at all levels.